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Dear costumers,

welcome to our website.

We are proud to offer our highest quality natural raw honey and delicatessen made from it newly also to you in Ireland and UK. Hope you will enjoy all the healthy aspects a natural honey can bring to you as well as the great velvet sweet smooth taste and smell.


Our raw honey is:

  • 100% Pure, unpasteurized and alive with enzymes, vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are naturally found in honey in its raw state

  • Direct from hives situated in clean country areas with a huge variety of plants, flowers and trees.This fact gives a delicate taste and smell to our raw honey that a supermarket products could never reach

  • Unprocessed - raw state provides maximum level of natural antioxidants and full beneficial factors as a functional whole food

  • From pure nature - we strictly care for a region where bees are kept so we can guarantee our honey is from clean nature, mostly from mountain regions. Far from city pollutants, pesticides, antibiotics

  • All our raw honey is strictly from Czech Republic, from beekeepers who care for bees with love and respect

  • Simply great - just honey :-)



How does the country where our honey is from looks?